Who are we

L’Atelier de Soierie


L’Atelier de Soierie specialises in dyeing silk and uses a number of traditional techniques to achieve this:

  • frame-printing or “Lyonnaise” printing (stencilling)
  • block-printing (Indian)
  • hand-painting on silk velvet

L’Atelier de Soierie was founded in 1994 through the ambitions of two men: Gérard Genet and Cédric Brochier.

Mr. Genet, a silk printer, gained the expertise handed down through his family over four generations.

Mr. Brochier, a creator of patterns for fabrics, comes from a long line of Lyon silk manufacturers, with his family active in the industry since 1890.

Before 1994, although the people of Lyon were familiar with weaving processes through established local works, silk-dyeing techniques were less well-known, as they only existed within private workshops.

The two company founders decided to remedy this situation by promoting this missing link in the long chain of silk-making professions among the general public. They created the Atelier de Soierie (which literally translates as the “Silk Workshop”): a private manufacturer with the unique feature of being open to the public. So, they embarked on a wonderful adventure. Over the past twenty years, the Atelier de Soierie has become an unmissable destination, with between 20,000 and 30,000 visitors every year.

The two company founders have sought to bring their expertise to life, showing off traditional craft techniques of silk-dyeing to the general public, offering their customers finished products made on the premises in the on-site workshop store.

Our eight painters, printers and designers, all passionate and exacting in their work, enhance silk and velvet to create two collection every year dedicated to the reproduction of both established artists and also patterns created in-house.

We proudly print artists’ works for museums across the globe, and also for art galleries and artists themselves.

We also boast our own designs, with a catalogue of over 3000 prints to provide a wide choice of patterns with an infinite range of colour palettes.

The small size of our family-run company and the techniques we use provide us with valuable freedom to create limited editions and unique pieces.