Company classics

Why not check out our collection of original designs.
The exceptional expertise of our printers combined with our creativity, enables us to show off varied arrangement of colours and patterns.

With 300 designers, we regularly revisit our colourful ranges to update them to the latest trends and styles.

Our flat frame printing technique gives us near-infinite scope to reinterpret our designs.

We just need to change one colour and a new model is produced.

This is how we are able to offer different products throughout the year, to match both current fashions and the season.

Our printers make a point of modernising our collections, which are constantly being refreshed. These creations are made up of a collection of limited edition prints always worth a look each time we restock. The weaves change depending on the season, broadening customer choice even further.
As well as keeping knowledge of the trade alive, working by hand provides peerless quality with a flawless reproduction of colours.

All weaving methods present an incomparable brightness of colour and brilliant headscarves.

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