This essential piece of silk-wear is the easiest accessory to match with any outfit.

Our 100% silk scarves are perfect for elegant everyday wear.

Their size and flexibility make them an essential part of modern, relaxed fashion, all from a normal rectangular piece of fabric.
Our collection is based around the master tables and our decorative pieces are taken from our patterns. The wide variety of styles and colours will enable you to find the perfect accessory for any outfit.
The finesse of silk chiffon brings with it a smoky lightness, while crêpe Georgette provides more gravitas.

The combination of chiffon and silk satin maintains a certain delicateness while enhancing the scarf with a few dashes of brilliance.
You won’t be able to overlook our silk scarves. They will set off any outfit just so, and are perfect to protect your neck from cold draughts of wind.

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