Silk squares

Since the beginning of the century, the silk scarf has held an important place in our wardrobes.

These items are often passed down through the generations, and provide unparalleled elegance.

The silk scarf is the epitome of chic for fashion icons such as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly.

The charm and refinement of this popular accessory make it an essential part of a feminine style.
It is synonymous with luxury and glamour and is becoming increasingly easy to match up to every style of dress.

It is easy to wear with a suit, a coat, a blouse or even with jeans.

You get to adapt silk scarves to your own style.
Wear it draped across your shoulders, on your head, in the classic style around the neck, in a jaunty forward-point or even tied to your handbag.
The imagery and size provide a multitude of different uses for this essential fashion accessory.
A great many textile designers love to design exclusively for the silk scarf. The imagery used came into its own in the early 20th Century, with images taken from Raoul Dufy, whose work graces a large part of our collection.
We can offer different types of weave to suit your preferences.

Be it in chiffon, satin, crêpe de chine or twill, the elegance and modernity of modern Lyon silk shines out of our silk scarves.

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